I agree, however this is where i think a gamebook style rpg has a distinct advantage over a strategical game like path to pelanatas, sinse the exploration of your environment and the various new quests and adventures your character goes on absolutely dictate meeting new enemies with new attacks.

One thing I'd in fact love to see is combat mixed in with story elements where you find out about monster attacks and weaknesses by talking to npcs or research, and then can go into battle prepared.

So for instance in a D&D style setting, you are sent quest by a lord to investigate a disturbance in a village.

Getting there, your told that fire demons have appeared and are causing trouble, sinse none of the local guard know how to defeat them, and (as you find out by fighting them), their pretty hard (though not impossible), to kill sinse they keep chucking demonic fire at you which does mega amounts of damage and goes through your defenses.

The Guard captain suggests you should talk to a master mage who knows a lot about demons. The mage tells you that demonic fire can't penetrate obsidian, so you then have to get (or forge), an obsidian shield.

when you next go and combat said demons, during the combat, when one flings fire at you and your presented with choices like "Attempt to dodge" or "use counter magic" the option "shield block" appears, which then causes you to not be damaged by the demon's fire (though you stil have their claw and tale attacks to deal with).

This is the sort of thing I'd love to see in a game, ---- combat that actually impacts the story.

Beware the grue!


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