Now now, Tom. Remember that Rambo always had strategy. *smile* Don't go
knocking him or others here might call you on it.

On Wed, September 30, 2009 2:38 am, Thomas Ward wrote:
> Hi Shaun,
> First, I'll drop you a hint. How you are handling the fires is far more
> complicated than it needs to be. Think about the c command, and what
> does it do. How can it help you with this situation?
> Second, as far as fists goes i've been thinking of it, but have rejected
> it for the time being. As i mentioned earlier I want the game to be
> challenging. I'm not going to pander to those gamers that want an easy
> game, with no challenge, and that can beat it in their sleep.
> O.K. Maybe adding fists would come in handy. However, you are missing
> the point of why I reduced the ammo. I want gamers to try and avoid
> monsters, to figure out a strategy to escape, instead of killing every
> single monster they see as though they were Rambo or something.

Raul A. Gallegos |

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