Hi Bryan,
Sure. That's understandable. Heather and Lucy are pretty nice voices, but they do make several mistakes when speaking words. Right off the top of my head I know Heather can't say "enterprise" worth a darn. That's a very common word, plus the most popular fictional spaceship in history, and it can't say it correctly. I know several other Star Trek words like Klingon, phaser, and so on it doesn't come close to saying correctly. It drives me crazy, because Dectalk Access, Eloquence, and a few other TTS voices I have don't have a problem with any of those words. So even if I had the Infovox version of those voices I'm pretty sure they would drive me nuts after a while do to the mistakes. Then again all TTS voices do make mistakes, because the English language is notorious for breaking its own language rules. For example, most of the time most TTS voices can't determine when a word uses a soft c or a hard c sound. So when you get a word like Celtic it says it with a soft c sound like Seltic instead of a hard c sound like Keltic. I often find myself making ample use of the Window Eyes and Jaws exception dictionaries correcting common mistakes like that.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
Well at least you can use them for creating voice files in games. That might be primarily why I'd use them also but I'd still like the option of using them in Window-Eyes as well. Homer: Hey, uh, could you go across the street and get me a slice of pizza?
Vender: No pizza. Only Khlav Kalash.

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