Liam, I wish you could have seen me.
I am sitting here at my desk, my hands forms a cup around my eyes.
I  am crying bitterly.
I am crying so much so that my body is shaking
MY  eyes are completely wet of all the crying.
I am feeling so sorry for tom.
I wish I could have took a spaceship or something, go to America and
comfort tom. I would have taken  tom out for dinner at a spur just to
calm him down.
Poor Tom, why does  the  man have to go through all this  hell?
Why? Its unnecessary.
Please stop the bashing.
USA games is an individual game developer who needs free time with his
family etc.
USA  games consist of only  1 individual who develops mota  as a hobby.
USA games is not a multi person company who makes a living out of games.
Please understand this.
Many thanks
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Normally I don't way in here.  Usually I sit back and watch.
But Thomas I have to disagree.  All these projects you took on of your
choice.  No offense man, but I'm getting kind of tired of the poor
me excuse for things.  You took on projects that were supposedly close
completion by the previous author.  I don't want to open another can of
worms, but I think most everyone knows that that wasn't true.  The
comes in when people are not patient.  I know it, you know it.  We're
game developers.  However, stomping on the floor and acting like a 2
old is not going to help anyone at all.  Take a step back, and keep
But, if your not happy with the community then don't do it.  As far as I
tell, noone is holding a gun to your head saying write these games or
You've made the decision to program games.  So please.  Stop singing
poor pitifil me.
Solution for your save game problem.  When the game opens. Check the
Keep a version tag inside the file.  If they don't match. Erase the
and there ya go.  It's fairly straight forward to implament, and will
people their save and load options they want.

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