Hi Yohandi,

firstly, I will point out that many games actually do do the expantion bit your talking about. Entombed, rail racer, sound rts, che's card games topspeed, all have lots of expandable content, through user created stuff, --- in fact Ithink this is really going to take off when entombed's dungeon creator is released.

Second, as regards online play, that is already being added to as many games in as efficient a way as possible, ==== sound rts and toc already have this and as Phil said it's looking at being added to more games, however lso bare in mind there are people (myself included), who are more concerned about a complete single player experience than online interaction, ---- so saying "all games should have this" doesn't take into account our taste.

finally, the most major and complete thing to remember is resources.

Capcom had a massive team of people working on Streetfighter Iv for four a pretty solid couple of years. For Streetfighter I don't know figures, but i do know the latest mortal combat titles have about 100-150 full time programmers working on the game, testing it, putting it through it's paces.

Find 150 programmers who will work on an audio game for 2 years, --- and then you might well get the same result.

For a fairer comparison it's more reasonable to compare audio games to independent graphical pc games developed with a similar amount of resources and by a similar number of people.

One game for example which I play (not accessible unfortunately), is the game Hurrican.

This is a very large exploration 2D platform shooter similar to Metroid or Mega man.

it has many features, great sound and environments, and even a level creation tool which some people have used to make extra levels. However, while it's certainly as good as games produced 15 years ago on the Snes, ---- and graphically probably equaling a ps1 game, ---- can it equal games produced now? ---- hell no!

And how long did it take to develope? ---- five! years! yes, five! years! for a game which is 10-15 years behind what is produced by companies like capcom.

That is really the bottom line. Comparing audio games to games like streetfighter Iv, is like comparing a delivery boy with a bicicle to UPs, and asking why the delivery boy can't have that package in Hongkong tomorrow morning!

Beware the grue!


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