The basic issue is that graphics programming is it's own can of worms. That's why even though games like time of conflict, shades and sound rts have a minimal graphic display, it's not evey up to nes quality.

Adding graphics reasonable enough to appeal to even the sited public who play independent games would take a huge amount of work indeed, --- and may not even be compatible with audio representations of the environment anyway, ---- for instance, you couldn't put packman grapics in packman talks, sinse that would let the sited player see the entire maze and where the ghosts were going, ---- where as someone just playing with sounds only gets to know what's immediately around them.

Terraofrmers is really the only game developed from scratch with any kind of graphical support.

That being said, this is precisely what the chaps at Gamevial wish to do, though they are coming at it from the other side, sinse they wish to develope audio tools to allow blind people to play their graphical web based games, ---- but have only created some fairly short concept demos thus far.

So, the long and short of it is, ---- yes, it's possible but you treble the work load and create a hole bunch of issues for yourself.

Beware the Grue!


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