No, x is always horizontal on graph paper. That means running from
left to right. Then y is virtical or up/down in this case. Now, based
on what I just read in the wikipedia article most programmers prefer
to use a right-handed coordinate system with x running east/west, y
north/south, and use z for up/down. If this would make you feel better
I can flip the y and z around to use the right-handed coordinate
system so that z will be your virtical axis when you climb ropes,
staircases, etc but that is a crap load of rewriting I need to do in
order to fix it in the Genesis Engine. grrrrr....

On 6/27/10, Valiant8086 <valiant8...@lavabit.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I did some reading on this, and I think it just depends how you want it to
> be. You can have a cube in any direction so really z could be north south,
> east west, or up down, or it could be upside down if you wanted, but me I
> think from what I've been reading folks usually like to think z is up down.
> Only a computer screen's is 2d says y is up down. Me I don't know why x
> isn't instead, but yeah. that's why folks sometimes said z was north south
> or east west. Me I prefer z being up down. Makes more sense to me.. We know
> x on standard graph paper I think is north south right? And y is west east?
> So seems to me we simplify things to make z go up down so we can leave x and
> y alone as they were.
> I found this and it looks like it's sort of backing my claim if I read it
> right. Granted this is Wikipedia, and I try to treat it with a grange of
> salt.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartesian_coordinate_system

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