Hi Philip,

Well, I for one, happen to feel the same way you do. I'd much prefer
some sort of audio feedback rather than always having a verbal message
saying this or that. It ruins the atmosphere and feel of the game for
me having Sapi or some other voice saying this or that all the time.
Generally speaking there are usually ways of conveying that
information through some sort of audio feedback instead.

For example, in MOTA whenever Angela picks up an item it plays a sound
and speaks whatever item Angela has located. Well, I don't really like
the speech announcing everything all the time so I've been working on
conveying that information in other ways. One way is now when Angela
picks up pistol ammo you hear the sound of Angela reloading her
pistol. If she picks up a box of shotgun shells you hear her racking a
shell into the shotgun. Not only is this more realistic than before
each pickup sound is unique and I don't really think we need the
verbal feedback any longer because you should be able to determine
what she picked up by sound alone. This just really improves the
atmosphere because it doesn't have that feeling of blind accessible
audio game written all over its face as you say.

As for in-game menus such as a look/view menu I don't personally care
for them either. Although, i have a view menu in Mysteries of the
Ancients I actually don't use it myself. It is just there for the
newbies/beginners who doesn't know where everything is or what
something sounds like. Otherwise I just play without it. I don't like
interrupting my game play to look around.


On 3/16/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> I like this idea, but the thing that springs to mind immediately is the
> feedback you mention. Having a voice telling me that a pit is 8 feet wide or
> that I jumped 7 feet would kill the atmosphere very effectively for me. It
> has blind accessible audio game written all over its face, if you know what
> I mean. If one could design it so that there is just auditory rather than
> speech feedback, I think that would be a very different thing. For example I
> was opposed to including a looking feature in my upcoming game as I feel
> that it spoils the atmosphere in a similar fashion, but I ended up including
> it in the end because I could think of no other way to tell you exactly
> where branches are for example. I did not use a menu, but rather a method
> that does not interrupt the game play as I am personally of the opinion that
> an in game menu that stops the action in an atmospheric adventure title is
> the worst possible thing that could happen tot he over-all experience. Any
> thoughts?
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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