Hi tom.

Actually i had a bunch of the ewok stuff myself, especially the figures and the village.

I also remember the animated ewok's series which along with droids was the first Starwars cartoon, both of which I was a huge fan of. Sadly though they've only released selected episodes on dvd unfortunately.

In terms of games I agree. All three of the Snes super starwars games are great, and all have rather amusing unlock codes that let you play any stage of the game with any character and weapon.

So if you want chubaka in the sand crawler level blowing up tuscans and jawas, you can!

return of the jedi though is deffinately the best of them, and features far more characters to play as sinse as well as Luke, han andd chuee, you can also play as the princess (both in and out of the desguise she wares in jaba's palace), but also as wickit the ewok, who is surprisingly one of the best characters in the game. His bow is medium strength but unlike Han and chuee who start with weaker guns, can't be powered up, and he's only got medium health, however he jumps farthest, and can even fire arrows into the wall and jump off them.

Best of all, he's tiny, so lots of stuff misses him!

Your only suppose to be able to play wickit in the endor part of the game, but with the debug cheat code it's possible to do the hole thing as him which is awsome, ---- having him gun down jaba the hut, fight his way through storm troopers in the death star or even take on Darth and vader emperor palpatine is really rather fun! especially sinse compared to the difficult battle Luke has, Wickit completely wipes the floor with palpatine because he's so small the Emperor's lightning misses him completely ;d.

For an ewok game though, one thing that might be fun might actually be a stratogy affair, where you need to deal with the emperial forces only having a bunch of ewok's with primative weapons. That could actually be rather fun!

Beware the grue!


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