it was the ewok gliders I always rather liked actually Tom.

not only great for dropping rocks, but in the films and animated series you actually get to see them do a lot of other things, like putout fires by dropping wet sheets from above, or using the gliders to survey the forest.

i always thought those were pretty cool!

As far as games go, one of the things I like about the super starwars games is that they were a mix of styles that went through the scenes in the films with both side scrolling levels and some really rather fun stages hwere you get to fly various vehicles.

these include several semi 2D stages flying sand speeders or the falcon, and even a stage later in return of the jedi where you get to actually play as Lando in the falcon gun turrit blasting tie fighters, which is of course cool.

The game did have to take a few liberties with the plot on occasion to add some extra side scrolling stages, for instance instead of buying the two droids, Luke ends up rescuing R2 from the sand crawler,, and making his way through some extra areas of endor and the deathstar to get to Darth vader, but while these are certainly not correct in terms of story, they do make for good gameplay so i'm willing to forgive them (some of the extra endor stages with Luke are especially good).

In fact I've been playing starwars computer games for a very long time indeed.

when i was about 4 we had the rather bad starwars atari game where you had to redirect lightning from a floating droid with your light saber, then on the amstrad tape drive computer we had several conversions of the original arcade games. My favourite was the first starwars game where you flew an x wing into the deathstar.

So, a starwars audio game would be great, though i did rather like your 3D idea with some of the other jedi, sinse obviously i've seen the films (quite a number of times), and would very much like the idea of exploring a different story in the starwars universe.

Beware the grue!

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