Hi Dark,

Yeah, i know about the changes in plot in the Super Star Wars games.
That's really one major drawback to basing a game on a specific book
or movie. A lot of times there are certain events that wouldn't fit
well into a game, and need to be changed to fit better with the game's
story rather than the one it is based on. Therefore you almost have to
write your own story or plot to make a decent game without any plot
changes or plot holes in it. That's actually one issue I've been
thinking about a lot when it comes to creating an original Star Wars

First, what era or series am I going to base this game on? The Knights
of the Old Republic era is fair game right now since it is pretty new
and what we do know is based on a few books and a few video games. Yet
on the other hand the Clone Wars series is really popular right now
with books, movies, and the weekly cartoons so there is a lot of new
plot potential there. Plus many established characters to choose from.
Then, there is the Legacy series and beyond that is also fairly new
and fair game as not much has been written after the Corellian civil
war. Again, there are many well established characters to work with.
Which leads me to question number 2.

Second, what kind of character am I going to use? There are certainly
advantages to creating a custom character as it allows the player to
sort of RPG the game by training new skills, gaining experience
points, and customizing the character however he/she feels. However,
as a fan of the Star Wars cannon there are plenty of established
characters I'd like to play as too.

For instance, Jaina Solo. It has been quite apparent for a long time
now that the Star Wars authors have been grooming her to be one of the
main characters in the newer Star Wars books etc as they slowly phase
Luke, Han, Leia, etc out of the newer books. All the same she is a
pretty cool character for a lot of reasons.

For starts Jaina is the only daughter of Han Solo and Prencess Leia.
She gets her looks from her mother, and Leia trained Jaina in the art
of diplomacy. However, Jaina is a Solo and like her father has the
nack of bending or breaking rules she doesn't agree with, and manages
to land square in the middle of trouble. To add to her character
Jaina's Jedi Master was none-other than Mara Jade who so happens to
have a shady past of her own. Mara was trained by the Empire to be an
elite fighter pilot, assassin, as well as a Sith apprentice, and other
skills she no doubt passed on to Jaina during her Jedi training. We
certainly know that by age 16 Jaina was one of the best fighter pilots
in the galaxy, and joined Rogue Squadron as one of their elite fighter
pilots. So obviously Mara did a great job of teaching her student how
to fly with the best of them. So to make a long story short Jaina's
mother taught Jaina how to be a diplomat, but Mara taught her how to
be a ruthless warrior when the chips are down.

This really becomes apparent in the Legacy series when Jaina finally
tracks down her brother, Jason, and confronts him for starting the
Corellian civil war, the murders, etc. Unlike her uncle, Luke, who
would have no doubt tried to turn him back to the light, I think Jaina
realises that the time for trying to turn Jason is over. She sets
aside her personal feelings, and realises if she doesn't end it nobody
will. She first royally kicks Jason's butt, and when he is down and
wounded runs him through with her light saber. That kind of ruthless
fighting and determination bares the mark of Mara's training, because
she   wouldn't have stood for anykind of weakness emotional or
otherwise. Plus I believe that battle in particular took a lot of
metal, grit, guts, whatever you want to call it because this wasn't
some faceless enemy but her very own twin brother she had to kill. I
bet that took a lot of currage and will to setaside her personal
feelings and just do it.

I guess what I'm saying is Jaina is a character I admire for a lot of
reasons. Her life is a series of incredible successes, but also
terible tragities as well. In Star by Star she leads a mission against
the Vong's worldship, and of course on that mission her younger
brother, Anikin Solo, is killed. Jaina goes slightly nuts at the end
of the book and gives the Vong absolute hell for it, but it takes her
a while to get over it. That would be tragic enough except for the
fact that years later she figures out that she is the only one who can
stop her brother Jason and she's the one that ends up killing him to
end the civil war. She's a character I'd like to roll play as she has
a lot of qualities that makes her tough, resourceful, and a great

Third, do I want to create something totally new from scratch or clone
something I've played before? This is an interesting question/problem
as I've played many Star Wars games when i was sighted. Most notably
the Jedi Knight series. they were definitely good games, and it would
be the first chance for some of the VI gamers on here to play those
games in an accessible format, and would give me a chance to continue
playing some old favorites. Of course, creating something new is fun
as well as it is totally new and never been played before. Definitely
more room for creativity. So there is lots to think about.


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