I might have given the wrong impression with my last post.  I didn't mean 
to suggest that the developers Should ignore using existing ideas, I just meant 
that it is probably what they are doing nonetheless.  As you said, if the 
developers adopt that mentality we would have fewer games.  If I've been 
reading this topic correctly, that is exactly what others are claiming has 

    I don't believe all of the developers are worried about repeating existing 
game styles, but I know I do.  Because this is something I know I personally 
do, I find it reasonable to assume that some others would do the same.  I can't 
really conclude that all do, or that most do, but I can say for sure that at 
least some do.

    When I was on vacation in January, I wrote Daytona, but I also partially 
completed a game where you defend a bunker from dragons, a game where you are a 
world war 2 era solder who was sent out to investigate a UFO crash (turns out 
to be a huge alien robot bent on destruction), work on a game similar in style 
to Daytona, and I even started on a side scroller with an Indiana Jones feel.  
Daytona was the only one that felt unique enough for me to take it all the way 
to being released.  If I had no other game ideas, I would probably have stuck 
to one that was closer to some existing game, but it is easy enough for me to 
just hop onto a different game idea so why not?  lol!  Rail racer was released 
around that time as well, so after playing it I removed any car racing games 
off of my list of game ideas to make.  I believe I'll continue to do the same 
thing as I encounter more and more audio games coming out.

    If I put myself into another audio game developer's shoes, if I had an idea 
that was very similar to Daytona I wouldn't even bother making it.  Yeah, it 
would be unique in its own way, but I would worry that everyone would be 
comparing it to the existing game.  Maybe you aren't a wizard, and maybe the 
mouse movements are meant to run machinery, but in the end I would assume 
moving the mouse to form shapes is still just moving the mouse to form shapes.  
Hopefully I'm wrong and other developers aren't stuck in the same mindset as I 
am, but I don't think I'm wrong.

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