Hi jeremy.

this really though shows my point, and wwhy I made the initial post.

there is a difference betwene a direct replication of what has gone before and a similar concept which may be a solid and playable game.

Agreed, if you merely had a game where you needed to form shapes with the mouse in order to operate machines, that would pretty much be similar to daytona.

However, suppose there was a game where you played as a trick racer in some futuristic plane using the mouse to control your movement.

You'd need to turn corners and avoid obstacles as per the corse, but suppose you could also gain extra points by performing stunts such as loops, barrel rolls, and making shapes in the sky with your com traile.

All the time though you'd stil have to be going round the corse itself, so after each shape you'd need to make sure you were in position to avoid an obstacle.

Like Daytona? yes.

Exactly! like daytona? no indeed.

worth playing? Quite possibly.

while I appreciate that everyone wants to make something new, I am very much of the opinion that it is possible to produce a new twist on an old theme, or indeed simply a solid exponent of a well known style that carries things in a different direction.

Other than space invaders, sterrio targiting affairs, I'd say no catagory of games is played out at all.

for instance, i know Che martin is adding a new game to his card room, which i very much expect to be a card game.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what it is, despite the fact there are accessible card games kicking around, and even were it something like Cribbage which already has a well known accessible version, I'd be glad to play it as part of the cardroom with other people on the internet.

Beware the grue!


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