Hi Amanda,

Tell me about it. I was pretty upset when I tried to copy them to my
PC, and found out that the floppies had gone bad. Which the 3.5
floppies were definitely known to do. That was before cd rom burners
etc existed and was really the only way to back up stuff. I'm glad
there are better ways like thumb drives etc now days.

In any case I'm pretty sure I could do a better job on either novel
now days. They were written when I was in high school, and I didn't
necessarily do a professional job on them. Vortex, especially, wasn't
something I'd publish simply because it was, well, a bit warped.

What I mean by that is at the time I wrote Vortex I was really having
some personal issues in my life. I was angry, upset, and that really
came through in that book. It was extremely violent, graphic
fight/kill scenes, and there was quite a lot of cussing and swaring I
wouldn't necessarily add to the book were I to write it today. Plus
sense the time space continuum does get restored at the end of the
book I decided to kill whoever whenever which meant some of the fights
were pretty gory, and certain characters I didn't like such as Quark
from DS9 got killed off in some pretty horrable ways. Lol!

Basically, the way I view those books now as practice novels.
Something to sharpen my writing skills, something that helped me cope
with the situations of the time, and kept me entertained. I don't feel
too bad about losing them now, because I know that most writers,
professional writers, rarely sell their first book or two, and even if
the first book does get published it usually undergoes quite a lot of

I look at authors like Patricia Briggs. Now days she is a famous
sf/fantasy author, but I've read her first two published works and
while they weren't terrible they weren't great either. Her later books
like the Mercy Thompson series was great. She's got other books that
are pretty good, but some of her early books just lack the style and
excitement her later books have.

We could say the same for an author like Steven King. Certainly he is
a great author, but some of his early books like Carey and Christine
weren't that great. At least I didn't like them as well as later
novels such as Needful Things, It, The Dark Half, and so on. Steven
King is an author I think who has improved with time, and his early
works are just his first attempts at breaking into the world of

In short, I don't worry about it, because I'm pretty sure they would
have to have a good rewrite to be published. Besides that, I've
thought about writing different stuff, my own stuff, and perhaps I
could electronicly publish something of my own rather than basing it
on an existing storyline like Star Trek which would have to be
published as fan fic.


On 7/9/11, Amanda Burt <amanda.bu...@btinternet.com> wrote:
> Now that's a shame you don't have your novels.  They could be really
> interesting grins.  I didn't used to be a star treck fan but someone
> introduced me to it and it's not too bad.
> Amanda

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