Hi Dark,

Yeah, a game like Lone Wolf with a Star Trek theme would totally rock.
At one time I had started on one using the USS Defiant, but the
project got ditched or put off because at the time I had just taken
over Montezuma's Revenge and Raceway, and all the games I was working
on in 2005/2006 ended up getting put on the back burner.

Now, as for Elite Force its not as odd or strange as you might think.
Let's use Elite Force I which I know best since I've played it a lot
with sighted help.

Basically, it takes place on USS Voyager while they are still in the
Delta Quadrant. Tuvock has just assembled an elite force of Star Fleet
officers called the hazard team to handle dangerous and specialized
missions for Voyager. The first level has the team in training on the
holodeck where you, playing as Ensign Monro, must rescue the hazard
team from a Borg cube. Pretty awesome mission for the first three

On level 4 Voyager is attacked by an alien ship, the warp core is
damaged, and Lieutenant Torres reports to the bridge that Voyager's
warp core is about to blow. Janeway orders the hazard team, you, to
head down to engineering and repair the warp core.

In level 5 Voyager encounters a group of aliens from the Alpha
quadrant who were braught to the delta quadrant by the scavengers.
They attack Voyager, board her, and the hazard team is called in to
clear the ship of the scavengers and restore it back to law and order.

Eventually, the game finally gets around to the real story were
Voyager and a Borg ship are captured by the Forge. The hazard team
must land on the Forge base and blow it up so Voyager can leave.

Basically, like I said it is like a series of miniepasodes where you
as Ensign Monro get to carry out several missions and lead a team of
Star Fleet officers against various enemies. There are a lot of
non-cannon characters in the game, for the game's sake, but there are
also the regular stars in it. Tuvock, Janeway, Chakotay, Torres, etc
are all there played by the same stars as the tv shows which makes it
like a playable tv show. The only complaint is they didn't get Jarri
Ryan to reprise her roll as Seven of Nine. They had someone who kind
of sounded like Jarri Ryan, but wasn't her, playing Seven, and well
that kind of sucked. However, all I think you would like it if you
could play it.


On 7/9/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> That's understandable and in fact is the reason I myself probably only
> reread lotr, the hobbit and the Silmarillion about once every 18 months to
> two and a half years.
> even the best books, series and such can be read too much.
> In the case of games, one thing I've always wanted to see is a startrek game
> similar to Lone wolf where you command a single starship and carry out
> missions in space, whether those are delivery type missions for diplomatic
> reasons, negotiating tricky bits of space such as proton stars, or taking
> part in the federation's battles.
> While I believe you that a startrek fps like elite force is a good game
> (it's not one I've heard of), somehow the idea of militaristic missions with
> ground troops and guns as part of startrek seems a litle jarring.
> I know there have been ground based wars, covert operations and goodness
> knows what going on, especially in the dominian war, however such things are
> just not what first comes to mind when i think of startrek, thus a 3d or fps
> game would seem more a starwars thing to me as in fact you were thinking at
> one stage.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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