Hi Dark,

Yeah, I've thought of that myself. Sure I can scrape together frazes
etc from the actual actors etc, but it would be much easier to create
a completely non--cannon ship complete with fresh actors doing voice
overs like "Aye Sir," and so on.

A lot of the Star Trek games out there like Elite Force I and  Elite
Force II have lots of dialog between you and the ships officers and
crew. That more than anything else makes it like an interactive tv
show as Monro might give verbal orders to get down, or ask Telsia
Daniels for a report etc. Then, there is the cutscenes between
missions like where Voyager is attacked and you see Janeway giving the
bridge crew orders like telling Tuvock to fire phasers and torpedoes,
asking Kim for a damage report, and so on.

On 7/10/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi tom.
> Fair enough. Being as that was all ship based I can rather see how it fits
> in with what's going on in the tv series so you are playing more a member of
> the ship's crew with specialized fps missions than someone in the usual fps
> warzone type standpoint.
> Another interesting point about such a game, whether you used that model or
> had another ship, is that sinse you probably won't be able to get the
> startrek actors for the game, you could make up your complete own ship and
> crew.
> however good people's impressions are (I'm told I do a pretty good warf and
> not a bad captain Picard myself), they are stil impressions, where as if you
> made up your own starship, you could give it your own crew and have them
> have their own adventures in games, whether first person or not.
> That would actually be pretty awsome, and I'd be happy to help voice act in
> such a project myself.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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