Hi Tom.

i might take you up on that later actually when I get back to my flat. You are however right about emulation at least in my experience with Mame and winuae.

I think some emulators are in process of being updated to work with later windows (certainly I've heard winuae has been), but I'm not sure about atari 2600 emulators, you might want to check that.

though as I said, some of the retro remakes are pretty awsome, especially when they get strange and weerd!

for instance, you may or may not have heard of a very well known game on the Comador 64 called Jet set willy, sequal to manic miner. A hugely difficult platform game where you wandered around avoiding enemies and collecting treasure objects.

There are various remakes that I've had fun with, but there is one particularly weerd and strange one. Multiplayer online Jetset willy!

Same graphics, beepy mod music and very similar gameplay as the original, but now you connect to people across the net and can play games like who can find the most treasures, capture the flag, or get to a particular room in the house in the fastest time.

Sadly not accessible to me due to a lot of text (pluss I was never really that good at the original anyway), but one of the most intreaguing ideas I've ever seen, take a game from the very early 80's, keep everything the same, but add internet multiplayer something which would've been largely science fiction for home computer users at the time ;D.

then again, this is something several audio games have actually shown a tendency to do with online scoreboards and such.

Beware the grue!


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