I can't recall if it was in the arcade version of the game but I do know 
there was a little tune that would play when Mario had the hammer in the 
Colecovision game.

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Hi Jim.

I take your point about the Donkey Kong hammer not having a running out
indicator, however I'd suggest this is a case of game mechanics over

Firstly, the hammer had musical phrases which you could count the exact time
of. Secondly, obviously a player looking at the screen would be able to get
a wide enough field of view to see when barrels were on the way down so
could react according to that information.

third, i actually do believe the hammer in donkey Kong flashed when it was
running out of charge (though I could be wrong sinse the only version of
donkey Kong I've played extensively is the gb version using the gb player
for the snes).

for all of these reasons, i'm afraid Istil would like a chainsaw running out

Beware the grue!


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