Hi Tim,

Sorry, but no. Coming up with a game creation wizard simply is not
practical for any kind of game design. There are too many factors that
absolutely have to be coded by hand and will not work properly using
generic code. Using a wizard will only get you so far before you
encounter some kind of major limitation not supported by the wizard.

For example, let's talk about the Adrift Generator. Its basically a
wizard for rapidly creating text adventures for the Adrift Runner. Its
ok as text adventure systems goes, but I've encountered plenty of
limitations as well.

For instance, if I wanted to create a full blown RPG I really could
not do that because the Adrift Adventure System doesn't really support
various skills and stats the way a table top RPG does. Using variables
in Adrift only will allow the developer to create a very crude RPG
stats system. To do it right a developer would be better off using a
fully qualified programming language instead.

Another issue is speech output. Adrift is a mainstream product, is
accessible as far as text adventure systems go, but I'd prefer
something that reads automatically like Winfrotz TTS does.  Since the
Adrift Runner does not have SAPI 5 support using a fully qualified
programming language like Visual Basic, C#, C++, etc I could add SAPI
support and thus increase accessibility just by upgrading from a
wizard interface to manually programming the game by hand.

Bottom line, wizards just don't work. They might allow you to create
something enjoyable, fun for a while, but are limited in what they can
do. Its like anything else in life. If you work hard at something
chances are you will be rewarded by your efforts. If you try to take
the easy way out your results will be far less rewarding than they
could be. That's why BGT uses a scripting language. It simplifies the
process of creating games, but is open ended enough to allow you to
program/code anything you can imagine rather than being limited to any
specific game style or type.

What a person like you really needs is an open source sample of
different types of games like an FPS, side-scroller, racing sim,
whatever. Then, you could see how all the code fits together and still
be able to modify it as you learn. This is not as restrictive as a
wizard and still teaches you as you go.


On 11/18/11, Tim Kilgore <tim8...@cox.net> wrote:
> I wonder if there's a way to desing a "game design wizard?  This would would
> ask simple questions as to game interface, (2 d or 3 d) and would do all the
> script writing in the background with you suplying only the music and the
> text (if any) to go along with it.
> Just a thought.  I'd love to desing audio games and have an idea for an
> awesome one, butr I can't getg my head around the scripting aspect of
> something like BGT; thought I think it's the easiest designer so far.
> Tim

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