On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 13:37 +0200, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
> Hi!
> Roman and I wrote the report of the usability tests we conducted in may.
> It includes descriptions of problems the users were faced while
> interacting with the software, as well as possible solutions. 
> As the wiki is still down, please read the full report on
> http://www.relevantive.de/gimp/report/results_usabilitytest_05.04.html
> or
> http://www.kuhcampus.de/~roman/report/

I would also like to thank you for executing the tests. I also
appreciate some of the proposed solutions focused on providing an aid in
figuring out the behaviour rather than trying to mimic Photoshop's
functionality (since mostly it was the Photoshop users who were having


I've had a little bit of a problem understanding the issues with
modifier keys and selections:

        "Consider carefully if 'centered selection' should be the
        default when using shortcuts. According to this test, a non-
        centered selection is more convenient (but as the number of
        subjects was very low it is not possibl to make a general
        However, if non-centered selection becomes the default, provide
        both, a checkbox in the options dialog, and a shortcut (e.g.
        pressing 'c' concurrently) for centered selection."

Cenetered selection surely isn't the defaut, one needs to press Ctrl

        "Provide consistent behaviour: When keeping the key pressed
        while dragging the mouse, make the selections squared in all

This again sounds dodgy because the tools behave exactly as you describe
they should.

Select By Color

I disagree with your proposed solutions to the select by color tool. We
should be aiming to remove unnecersary popup dialogs rather than
bringing them in. I wish the crop tool got the same treatment as the
select by color tool actually. Also I don't agree a description of the
aparatus of certain functionality bhaves in the UI. Only the basic
behaviour description does. The rest should go to the help pages and
manual. The remark about additional sliders was suggesting additional
functionality like selecting by value or brightness? With RGB sliders
you suggest using a non-interactive mode where the user specifies
arbitrary color instead of using the image canvas? 

Measure Tool

        "Three out of four users did not see the info in the status
        line, and therefore first had to search where the information is

That sort of scares me, because even you suggest putting explanations of
other tool behaviour in the status bar...

Transform Tools

I wish the dialog went away completely an all the settings went to tool
preferences rather than popping it up after selecting the tool as you

Path Tool

I've already expressedmy comments in another email.

Very interesting read. Hopefully we'll see some of the issues addressed
in future.


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