On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 09:07:24PM +0200, Daniel Egger wrote:
> On 04.06.2004, at 16:20, Carol Spears wrote:
> >>If you could come up with some suggestions I'd certainly
> >>appreciate that.
> >okay, how does photoshop translate their stuff into german?
> I expect they have a highly paid team of artists and
> professional translators.
> Or do you mean that we should copy their translation by
> visual comparison of the English and German version?
i could google, but i actually suspected that they did not have a german
translation.  the photoshop users i know are button pushers.

i tend to agree with Sven that these translation problems are
troublesome but at the same time a no brainer.  especially when you look
at what it costs to get a fully loaded gimp with continually growing
translation base.

one thing that a volunteer effort gets is a lot of volunteers and a lot
of people who are free to have an opinion about this.  as soon as i dump
a bunch of money on some software, i would tend to be as happy as i can
with my decision and start making it work regardless.

and i still wonder if there is a way to complain directly to the
photoshop and coral and all the rest developers about the stuff the
people they paid did.

most germans i know would enjoy a good typo, especially if it is a no
brainer like the example that was given.  


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