On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 10:56:38AM +0100, Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > It takes a long time to open, for no reason. That is gimp-specific, other
> > apps using the file dialog behave differently, as I explained.
> On my machine it takes about as long to open GIMP's file dialog
> as opening other GTK+/Gnome apps' file dialogs, for example gedit.

On mine, too. Really, you are putting words intgo my mouth that I didn't
say. _Please_ stay out of this thread _or_ read my original mails where
I clearly differentiated between gimp-specific issues and gtk+-specific

I think the reaction of accusing people of spreading FUD is pretty dumb,
but it seems to become the norm around here.

As you continuously ignore what I wrote I see no reason in prolonging this
discussion with you further, it just isn't productive to iterate over
facts when the other side ignores them.

> I don't ignore usability problems which (a) really exist and are (b)
> our fault.

Indeed, you call people reporting them as spreading FUD. Way cool. Thanks
god I am mostly out of here.

> fault. It took me some days to sort out usability and look an feel
> problems with the GTK+ team right before the new file chooser was
> initially released. They added/changed things because we figured them
> when porting GIMP to GtkFileChooser.

And yes, I am sure you are a) doing good work and b) do that diligently.
Still, your reaction to reported usability problems is extremely poor.

> GIMP.  That's why I asked to complain against GTK+.

Well, that's funny, because I already *wrote* that I have reported that

This make sit pretty clear thta you didn't read the report, at leats not very
carefully, so why do you think you should accuse me of spreading FUD? Do you
even know what I am "spreading"? Probably not...

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