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>> <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:
>> > Some problems might be caused by misdesigns in gtk+, but not all.
>> Ah, So which problem you have with the file dialog is GIMP specific?
> It takes a long time to open, for no reason. That is gimp-specific, other
> apps using the file dialog behave differently, as I explained.

On my machine it takes about as long to open GIMP's file dialog
as opening other GTK+/Gnome apps' file dialogs, for example gedit.

> As I already wrote, the gtk+-specific bug has already been reported. I do
> think it's worthwhile if you read the beginning of this thread.
>> Why don't you stop complaining here and talk to the GTK+ mailing list?
> I didn't know the gtk+ mailing list is responsible for gimp-specific
> behaviour. Other apps that use the gtk+ file dialog behave differently, as
> I explained.

It is not GIMP specific.

>> There is absolutely nothing we can do about that.
> That's fine with me then, really. Please note that i never asked you to do
> something for me. I did, however, describe usability problems with gimp.
> If you want to ignore these, that is your option (most probably because
> they are totally out of your control, as neither sven nor you ever shied
> away from more work to improve the gimp), but please don't claim they
> aren't there.

I don't ignore usability problems which (a) really exist and are (b)
our fault. I don't even ignore usability problems which are *not* our
fault. It took me some days to sort out usability and look an feel
problems with the GTK+ team right before the new file chooser was
initially released. They added/changed things because we figured them
when porting GIMP to GtkFileChooser.

>> And no, we will certainly not hack around to make the GIMP's file
>> dialogs look different from all other GTK+ apps' file dialogs.
> On my system (debian), gimp's file dialogs already look very different to
> other gtk+2 apps. No hack is required, and I didn't ask for one, either.

We only add the preview and the proc selection which takes about zero
seconds unless you are on a P300 or something.

> Now, why are you reacting so hostile? I just reported on some general
> deficiencies in gimp-2.x usability, of which the file dialog is the
> biggest one. If you (both sven and you) don't want to hear about that,
> just say so.

It am not hostile. You are spreading FUD.

> I do, however, think it's a bad sign that users (I read a few cases on
> this mailinglist before) who report their problems with usability get
> treated like that.
> The very least you can do is acknowledge the problems people have,
> whatever causes it and wether and how it can and should be fixed is
> secondary.

We do acknowledge problems, but we can't do anything about this one
(if there is one). I don't see how that "slowness" could be caused by
GIMP.  That's why I asked to complain against GTK+. There were
usability problems which were addressed with GTK+ 2.6. You use GTK+
2.6, do you?

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