<[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:

>> to be the case with the early implementations but certainly not with
>> the latest GTK+ 2.6 releases. The file dialog is getting better and
>> better with each release.
> You keep repeating this as if it were some kind of religion - why do you
> ignore the people who simply disagree? Of course the new dialogs have many
> more features, but they are _much_ less usable for _some_ people. This is
> a simple fact.
> You should really accept that, even if it works for you, and even if you
> cannot understand it.

I do accept that but I would like people to point out exactly what
problems they have instead of just saying that they dislike the new
dialogs. Without detailed complaints we can't do anything to improve
the situation.

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