Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> For some reaosn I cna hardly believe that after reading your original
> posting. You simply show no sign of understanding for the preferences
> other people have, as if one-size-fits-all would be the perfect solution.

Huh? I've been collecting the wishes and problems regarding the file
selector, making sure that the GTK+ developers are aware of the
problem and even patching the file selector myself. We have also done
quite some changes to the gimp file dialogs since the switch to the
new GtkFileChooser widget. If you want to suggest that I would be
ignoring the complaints, I really don't know what you've been smoking.

> If you want details then "exactly as in gtk+-1.0" should suffice,
> because that dialog simply worked. No extra window, no slow extra
> popups that you have to wait for, no fancy and distracting
> _hiliting_, no stealing of the current selection etc. etc. Basically
> I want to be able to blindly enter paths as I could with gimp-1.0,
> press enter and presto - saved or loaded, with no other die effects.

Perhaps you should stop looking at the dialog and just blindly enter
paths. It works surprisingly well.

> What I simply find annoying is this "there is no problem"
> attitude. I would find a "there are problems, but we will not go
> back to that for the very few users who liked it" attitude much much
> better.

There's no such atttitude. The new file chooser has bugs and they need
to be fixed. Asking us to revert to the old widget is however not an

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