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> Isn't there a way on the channels (IRC, bugtracker, mailing list) to simply
> restrain the access to a specific individual when things get to a point
> where repetitive demands and persuasion don't seem to give any results?

This is not so simple, in part due to the way the GIMP project is
organized (or not) :-).  Short recap for those who are not
familiar with the project:

- When it comes to the code, neo (Sven Neumann) and mitch
  (Michael Natterer) are by far the most active developers.  They
  have the final say on most technical decisions.  Have a quick
  look at the ChangeLog and you will see which names appear
  frequently.  Like many free software projects, GIMP is like an
  informal meritocracy, so those who contribute more have more
  authority over the technical aspects of the project.

- But when it comes to the infrastructure such as the IRC server
  ircd.gimp.org, the web servers, the mailing lists and the
  gimp.org mail server and user accounts, yosh (Manish Singh)
  owns or operates most of it.  He is also an active developer.
  Since he is the administrator of these servers or services, he
  is the only one who can restrain access to these channels.

- In the past, we had several proposals for setting up some kind
  of code of conduct or guidelines for participation in the
  project.  There were also some proposals about what to do when
  someone misbehaved.  But these proposals were never formally
  approved and were never enforced.  I think that the last
  attempt was initiated by bolsh (Dave Neary) before he decided
  to quit the project, mostly because of Carol.  Of course we
  have some guidelines such as the List Etiquette published on
  our web site (http://www.gimp.org/mail_lists.html) and some IRC
  rules on our wiki (http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/Irc).  But these
  are recommendations and they are rarely enforced.

Usually, Yosh has been swift in blocking access to people who
misbehaved on this mailing list or on IRC, except for Carol.
There are several reasons for that, including some that are
related to Carol's past situation, but I don't think that it is
up to me to explain them.  I probably do not know half of these
reasons anyway.

Yosh has mentioned in a previous message that it will take him a
bit more time to state his opinion on this matter and I respect
that.  Since he is the only one who can enforce any decision,
there is not much point in arguing about Carol and continuing
this discussion until he explains what he intends to do (and why,

> Let's face it, I realize this is pretty unusual and must very rarely happen
> but there is a possibility that someone else steps in one day with the same
> behavior. While there are of course no ways to prevent this upstream can we
> at least make sure there are ways to prevent this person from being in
> contact with the community once the problem has been clearly identified?
> I really wish we can sort this out because this might happen elsewhere in
> any other project. It is not an exclusivity of the gimp team!

The problem that we have been facing with Carol for several years
is quite unusual, and as far as I know, exclusive to the GIMP
team (alas!).  In part because Carol's behavior is rather
unusual: sometimes she tries to help, sometimes she tries to
mislead people, sometimes she harrasses people.  And in part
because we never took any effective measures against her,
contrary to other annoying people who disturbed the project and
were quickly excluded from this list or kicked from IRC.

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