gg ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-03-08 at 20:55):
 Sounds good. If exporting to original name with original options is
 readily accessible from a top level menu without having to retype the
 name that would be pretty good.

 > > I am concerned about whether this would require you to 'confirm
 > > since the image would not be saved as XCF.

 maybe if the xcf was never saved as such and the work was saved to
 original name, the in memory xcf data could be regarded as an
 buffer rather than a document that needs to be saved.

Maybe a check-mark on the "beefed up" dialog being discussed:
[x] Close in-memory image after export?
and remember this setting for next/subsequent exports of other images until turned off? (implicit in this would be a automatic [Yes] answer to the "Don't save" popup that would otherwise be shown for dirty images.

Perceived advantage is that it makes clear the primacy of the XCF in memory image vs whatever it was when originally imported.

No reason not to also support this if original import (or XCF opened image) is now being exported to a different format.

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