On 9 Mar 2009, at 1:06, David Gowers gave gg a washing.

and then...

> Open, edit, export as XXX (where XXX is original file -- one of the
> actions described in the spec.), export settings could be taken from
> the info in the original file.

thanks for bringing that up.

looks like for something like png GIMP is already good at that.
if GIMP can gather all the details on non-lossy files, then it
should in the Export to abc.png case use those settings.

but we also know from a loooooooooong thread here that things are
not that trivial for lossy formats like jpeg. open a jpeg @ 50%
quality, edit and export back. at 50 or at default 85% ?

I could not tell you.

> I am concerned about whether this would require you to 'confirm close'
> since the image would not be saved as XCF.

yes, there is an unsaved xcf sitting in that main window.
and we cannot read users minds if they are doing this secondary use case
or a primary one...


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