On Monday 28 September 2009, saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com wrote:
> It should be noted that many plug-ins and filters provide dialogs in
> which the user is prompted (via drop-down lists) to select
> images/layers/channels/paths from amongst those available in currently
> opened images. It would seem unwieldy for the code to have to open
> previously closed files to search for these potential
> images/layers/channels/paths every time such a dialog is presented
> (and the resulting drop-down lists could contain LOTS of entries in
> which the user holds no interest).

The point when the user can choose the desired "other image" does not require 
the full image, a name + thumbnail is all that's shown with the current 
implementation.  If this requirement doesn't change, I don't see a problem.  
The thumbnails are there for the gallery anyway and the drop-down list could 
be just another instance/view of the very same gallery, maybe.  Real access 
to the relevant image's content is only done when it's needed.

And the gallery's entries would be in roughly chronological order wrt the last 
showing time anyway, I suppose.


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