On Sep 27, 2009, at 3:53 PM, peter sikking wrote:

> third try, the list should be undead now:
> OK, comments have petered out here (yeah, dead list) and on the blog
> post.
> So it is time for me to summarise the users' needs I was able to
> filter out of them:
> 1) drag a layer to another image
> 2) side-by-side working for
>  - cloning
>  - color picking
>  - repetitive copy and paste
>  - synchronising working a set of images, keeping them
>    artistically together as a set (a deep one, this one)
>  - working on the same image, different layer composition, zoom and/
> or position
> 3) 'seeing the same', synchronised zooming and panning of 2 or more
> images
> 4) work with numerous (15+) images at the same time
> and that is it.

I think I might have one that can count as subtly different.

Working on a prime image and drawing pieces, reference, etc from other  
images. Especially since I tend to think spatially, this is one I do a  
lot. I also tend to combine this workflow with others you have already  
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