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>  Then rename it to Curves Tool. You only have two choices in GIMP:
>  Either it's a tool or it's an action,

Or a plug-in... plug-ins act quite difefrently to tools or actions.

Since the menus were reorganized I am constantly guessing wether "Repeat
Last" will repeat my last action, the one before or not work at all, since
you can't tell from the menu anymore.

>  Redundancy is not bad if it's improving usability. In this case it
>  won't, so why adding it?

I am quite sure it improves usabiloty for me a lot.

>  you know it's an optiondialog because it contains nothing else but
>  widgets to change something

Huh? Every dialog contains widgets that "change something", wether its an
options dialog, preferences or whatnot.

>  mentioning it? Let's concentrate on improving the tool tips to let the
>  user know HOW to use it, instead of telling him that he may use it.  

Tool tips are a very slow way of interacting with a user. Also, marking
dialogs by type has nothing to do with the "how-to-use" aspect.

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