David Southwell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On the first point my reaction to those adopting an authoritarian position 
> is "come on guys loosen up". It gives the impression that a few people with 
> an axe to grind  want to freeze out gimpshop rather than encouraging any 
> extensions of gimp, of which gimpshop is one, to mature.  

To be frank, we - as the main Gimp developers - have been insulted by
the gimpshop developer(s?) by them just taking our code, messing with it
and just *no* communication.

Additionally - as outlined earlier - the technical solutions used by
Gimpshop are bad and hackish. E.g. Changing the strings to be more
Photoshop-like immediately kills any of the dozends of translations we
have available.

Every Gimpshop Mail on this list annoys me, because of this abuse of
gimp. This is the reason why we are touchy and not willing to "loosen

Please go ahead and create a mailinglist for gimpshop. This is not the
place for it.

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