David Southwell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I suggest you treat gimpshop as an intermediate hack. Get the best out of it 
> you can until someone is encouraged to dvevelop something more sophisticated. 

That simply is impossible, since the "solutions" of Gimpshop are no
solutions. I tried to explain that already, but you apparently do not
understand the impact of changing strings in the sourcecode.

The hacks of Gimpshop simply cannot be applied to the gimp, they are
technically too bad. Sorry for the harsh words, but this is reality.

And in case you missed it, we are in a very intense process of looking
at the gimp user interface and improving it. People comparing the
current 2.3 development version with 2.2 tend to like the changes a lot.
I prefer this way over just emulating parts of the Photoshop interface.

Do you accept this as a not-blinded-by-emotion answer?

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