On Monday 09 July 2007 02:06:53 Simon Budig wrote:
> David Southwell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > On the first point my reaction to those adopting an authoritarian
> > position is "come on guys loosen up". It gives the impression that a few
> > people with an axe to grind  want to freeze out gimpshop rather than
> > encouraging any extensions of gimp, of which gimpshop is one, to mature.
> To be frank, we - as the main Gimp developers - have been insulted by
> the gimpshop developer(s?) by them just taking our code, messing with it
> and just *no* communication.
> Additionally - as outlined earlier - the technical solutions used by
> Gimpshop are bad and hackish. E.g. Changing the strings to be more
> Photoshop-like immediately kills any of the dozends of translations we
> have available.
> Every Gimpshop Mail on this list annoys me, because of this abuse of
> gimp. This is the reason why we are touchy and not willing to "loosen
> up".
> Please go ahead and create a mailinglist for gimpshop. This is not the
> place for it.
Hold on to your anger if you must. But please do not inflict it on others  or 
lose sight of longer term benefits and strategies ito the long term benefit 
of gimp.

I hear your frustration and understand it. Can you noit see that the way you 
are responding to that friustration is counter-productive? 

Can you not see the anger and emotion is driving decision making rather than 
thoughtful  & long term strategies. 

 am not saying this to create dissension but becasue I am genuinely concerned 
that the "touchyness" you acknowledge is leading to decisions that will harm 
rather than benefit gimp. Can you not see that anger and touchiness provides 
the energy that leads to schism and "forks". Can you not see that the 
touchyness, anger and authoritarianism makes the whole project less 
attractive to potential developers. After all do you want to attract the type 
of developers who would want to to be involved in a community driven by such 

I suggest you treat gimpshop as an intermediate hack. Get the best out of it 
you can until someone is encouraged to dvevelop something more sophisticated. 
Leave those who discuss it on the list alone. Let a community build up who 
want something better and are willing to do it in the "giimp way". Take a 
long term view and please let go of that touchyness and anger - it will harm 
everyone who has it and the project will be infected by it.

David Southwell

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