I think it is clear now to everyone of us to conclude that we commited a 
biggest mistake by participating in the negotiations that we knew will never 
deliver a true freedom to our people. PAC leaders then under President Makwetu 
conspired to accept what the settler regime was offering and inturn they forced 
it down our throughts with a notion of a constituent assembly so that we accept 
this negotiations. Also the front line states under the leadership of President 
Mugabe made it sure that we as PAC accept this crump. This has now brought a 
nightmare to the party and will take a momentous task to deal with it. Like one 
comrade who said we have now became revolutionary lumpens. We are only using 
PAC basic documents to suit and push for our personal agendas. It might not be 
every one of us but we do. We should just take a bolt stand and re-adopt the 
1959 Manifesto and constitution. All other adoptions should follow from the 
1959 Manifesto. In that way we
 will be really talking about going back to basics.
Comrade I think you are raising thorny issues that will see PAC taking a 
revolutionary path that is. Unfortunately we continue to waste time by talking 
while things continue to fall apart. At this juncture PAC members and Pan 
Africanists in general should strive for a national gathering that will usher 
in the drawing of a programme of action. In that gathering we should disband 
all the current committees,be it PAC,Payco,PACYL,AWO,Pawo,Aplamva,Aplava,Paso 
and Palf. The program will then guide us as to what kind of leadership we 
should have and how is this leadership going to be elected. In this way we will 
deal with careerism within the party and will truelly see resurection of this 
organisation. Our politics are still relavant only our deeds are wrong.

This is the least I can say. I know comrades will come forwadely with a clear 
program which will provide us with a clear strategy to resurect this movement 
and not see us breeding and grooming other lumpens.

Please comrade Cunningham, Mawandi and others work towards creating a program 
that will save this movement. We can't wait any longer.

With this song "a si yenzi luthu ngomlomo"
Izwe Lethu


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