as has been mentioned several times in the replies you have gotten
so far, you can't get there from here. Not without converting the vias to
free pads Therefore after they will be stupid Free pads and they will be
replaced by Vias, but not deleted themselves, if you reroute. One or two
others asked the best question, why do you want thermal relieved vias? The
only purpose of thermal reliefs on pads/vias is to reduce the conduction of
heat away from the pad to the polygon or plane during soldering. Thus this
increases the heat available on the pad and allows for better reflow and
desoldering. You are not the first to ask, nor will you probably be the last
to ask but I am constantly wondering why people want to due this on vias? Is
there a reason or do you just not know better? If you don't know better
there is lots of advice available from this group, as we were all newbies


Brad Velander
Lead PCB Design
Norsat International Inc.
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Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
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We do a ground polygon fill on the top and bottom of our boards.  Has anyone
been successful getting relief connections on vias?  I have tried a polygon
connect style design rule that applied only to vias on the GND net but this
does not work.

Kirk Haderlie
Design Engineer
Vivid Image Technology

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