On 06:53 PM 20/02/2001 -0600, David W. Gulley said:
>Geoff Harland wrote:
>   <snip>
> > *Unless* the PCBs you are hand soldering are *not* through-hole plated, why
> > do you want to apply solder in the locations of the vias?
>  As I have been following this thread it occurred to me that perhaps the
>problem is the fact that Protel has "Pads" and "Vias" and new users are
>often perplexed over their difference and correct usage.
>In older versions of Protel there was a large difference, and I know
>when I was a Protel newbie I didn't really understand it since I thought
>ALL plated holes in a board were vias.
>In the latest version, the difference has been blurred (since vias now
>can connect to planes) somewhat.
>The bottom line is that (generally):
>   Pads are used for component leads (though hole or SMT)
>   Vias are used to pass signals between layers
>   (Yes pads also (can) pass signals between layers)
>Anyway (even if I totally missed Kirk's difficulty), perhaps this will
>help someone that is struggling with Vias vs Pads.
>David W. Gulley
>Destiny Designs

So what should I use to stitch gnd planes together?  This is not on your 
list.  I use pads for this.  I only use vias for changing layers while 
routing - everything else is a pad.  I know others that do things differently.

Protel provide a rule to allow control of poly pour connection style for 
vias.  The rule is not obeyed - this is a bug.  The original post was 
attempting to do something that Protel claimed it could do (by presence of 
the rule) but in fact couldn't. There is a different question that has been 
raised by the original one that most of the thread was addressing (I 
commend your subject change).

Ian Wilson

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