> > I think that's just the way it is
> > you can do a convert to pads and rebuild
> > but why do you want it that way?
> >
> > Dennis Saputelli
> We are hand soldering the prototypes and having a hard time heating all
> copper attached to the GND vias.  The reliefs on the polygon fill might
> it a little easier to solder.
> Kirk Haderlie

*Unless* the PCBs you are hand soldering are *not* through-hole plated, why
do you want to apply solder in the locations of the vias? As long as the
*pads* (to which you are soldering components' leads to) are thermally
relieved, the *vias* don't have be thermally relieved as well. (When PCBs
are reflow soldered or wave soldered, it is not customary for vias to be
thermally relieved, and hand soldering is no different in that regard.)

Perhaps you have a good reason for having PCBs manufactured that are *not*
through-hole plated, such as delivery times or cost considerations. However,
I recall one time, back in 1984, when I installed components on a prototype
PCB (incorporating a microprocessor, memory, and I/O interface chips) which
was not through hole plated. I think I spent the best part of a whole day on
the one task of soldering bits of wire to join the two sides of each via in
the PCB, all the while praying that I wouldn't end up missing any of these
(or at least none of the vias *under* components such as ICs). As such, if
you can possibly help it, get plated-through PCBs manufactured, including
prototype runs.

Geoff Harland.
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