On 03:41 PM 5/03/2001 -0500, Brian Guralnick said:
>     It's been like that since the first 16bit PCB Protel.  I don't think
>that not enough people use the arc extensively enough.  Protel seems to have
>decided to leave it the way it is...
>     My big thing about the ARCs is after deleting, or editing them, they
>leave these invisible flash points on your PCB which create weird obstacles,
>or if these invisible points have nets, they cause the autorouter to seek
>them out and create additional traces.
>Brian Guralnick

Original message was about schematic but you have raised issues about 
PCB.  I have seen times when PCB has a ratsnest line going to an empty 
location on the PCB.  There is nothing there - at least nothing of size 
greater than 0.  Can be very frustrating to get rid of (I am not sure how I 
do it as it happens rarely).

Is this what you are seeing with arcs deleted from a PCB?  In a number of 
cases where I had this phantom connection I do not recall using arcs in 
that area but maybe I had.

Can you give more details on this please?  This would be a worthwhile bug 
to try to track down.

Ian Wilson

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