Yes, you are absolutely right, it is scary, but on a 6 layer board with
some areas needing 50 ohm controlled impedance on both sides of the
board for some 2.7 GHz Optical / RF stuff, and the rest of the board
being primarily analog using small SO-8 or SOT-23-5 Amplifiers with tons
of 0402 discretes packed in with 20 mil clearance part to part, on both
sides of the board, and my silkscreen reduced to 25 mil x 5 mil, there
sometimes just isn't room to place the cursor in the center of a
component when there are several traces and also some reference
designators in the way. I generally try to sneak in under the edge of a
reference designator on the top layer to get at a component pad on the
bottom layer, or to at least get a selection box from which I can choose
what I want to select. 

As I see it, the way that Murphy's law was implemented in Protel, given
2 objects under the cursor, Protel will always select the one you don't
want and if one of the objects is a reference designator and never give
you whats under the designator or never give you a box to choose from.

In a perfect world this would never happen, but then again . . .


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JaMi Smith wrote:

> Brad,
> Yes, and it can be quite common if you are not careful.
> Sometimes I will select a PAD and think I have a COMPONENT, and the
> result is that I will move that PAD independent of the COMPONENT,
> by dragging it or changing its location in a dialogue box,
> of primitives being locked or not.

This is scary.  I generally click in the center of the component, as I
usually do NOT want to edit the pad, but the component.  But, sometimes,
especially when there is netlist trouble, I click on the pad to see the
more clearly than the way it is drawn over the pad.  Scary to think you

move the pad with a bobble on the mouse button!


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