Warning - Anecdote ahead, delete if you don't want to read it.

Of course, I've been known to invent strange looking gizmos too.

Probably the wierdest one was PIBIT - Pump Interface Board Integrated
Tester.  This was not a commercial product, but an in-house tester at a
place I used to work at in the late 80's before I started Bagotronix.

I was a junior engineer at Anonymous Corp. (not junior in talent, just in
rank ;-)   I would solve the problems that were "beneath" the seniors'
status to address.  Frequently the service dept. folks would complain that
they had no good way to test something we engineers designed.  Every now and
then I would get tired of their complaining and design and build a gizmo
that solved their problems.  No budget of course.  Couldn't req any parts
for these gizmos, because the military procurement rules made it too
expensive to procure anything that couldn't be billed to a specific
contract.  So I built PIBIT out of parts found in the company junk pile.  An
aluminum project box, approximately an 8 inch cube shape.  Glued on top, 2
night lights (for testing each half of the triac).  Two plastic fiber optics
sticking out of the side, looking like whiskers (for testing the plastic
fiber optic xcvr).  Two chrome pushbutton switches salvaged from old 70's
era TVs.  Inside, miscellanous components, a DC wall wart for a power
supply.  Everyone laughed at it when I showed it to them and told them the
cutesy name I made up for it.  When I explained what it did, the service
dept. folks were delighted they finally had an easy way to test the boards.
The seniors' reaction was mixed:  some thought it was way cool, others were
disinterested and thought I was just wasting company time building goofy
looking boxes ("we design system X, and he gets paid to do that?")

Happy holidays to you all!

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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> > OK, I missed the part in the original post that said straight, not
> > right-angle.  Nevermind...
> >
> > That's going to be a strange looking gizmo when the cables
> > are connected...
> Not when the technician using it thinks to him/herself, "All the LEDs
> That cable tested "OK". On to the next..."
> Or when some other technician or engineer says "Damn...I !_THOUGHT_! there
> was something funny going on. Glad I have this diagnostic pass-thru gizmo
> thingy from Whoozamacallitz industries to assist me in debugging yet
> of those all-too-common SCSI problems that have all but killed the
> in favor of more reliable connection schemes like USB and Firewire...Thank
> god for my Whoozamacallitz 709A (markII) SCSI Passthru Tester"
> Just a guess, mind you...
> aj

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