>Ok guys this has been beat to death here, lets talk technical and leave the business 
>ethics >for elsewhere.

Seriously!  It's Ebay--Caveat emptor.  End of story.  If you think $2K is an unfair 
price, don't bid.

Stupid question--is one's license to use Protel actually legally transferable?  Most 
software licenses (esp. for CAD stuff) I've seen seem to prohibit selling the license 
to another party.  (apologies if this starts another war!)

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Yes - he was willing to pay the price - if he had to.

But, the motivation was not that he wanted it, not that he needed it, but to raise the 
price so others would no longer be able to win at a lower price, and hope that someone 
would outbid him so he wouldn't have to pay.

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Mr. Lomax placed his bid and was ready to buy it at that price. Someone else was 
willing to pay a bit more.  If I needed another license, I would have made a bid 
myself, possibly much higher (it went rather cheaply compared to what I paid for 3.5 
and upgrades to 99se), but I don't and I didn't. That's called an "auction", and I 
have no argument with it.

Richard Sumner

At 03:52 PM 1/9/2003 -0800, you wrote:

>'Abd ul-Rahman Lomax' said:
>"I placed a bid on that license even though I'm short of cash (I bid
>$2025) simply because I couldn't stand to see it go for under $2,000. 
>I'm trying to sell an extra 99SE license for $4500! (OBO)."
>I (and others may) still think that the attitude;
>I see someone on Ebay selling the same product that I do.  It is now at 
>a very low price, maybe lower that what I pay.  I do not want anyone to 
>get this product for this low a price because of how it may effect me 
>and the market.  I have no desire to buy this product myself right now, 
>but I will bid a significantly higher price to prevent anyone else from 
>getting a lower price, and if I get that price, I am willing to pay for 
>...as being quite selfish, and against the basic principal of auctions.
>I know that this probably happens all the time, and that there is 
>little that can be done about it.
>I would also point out that if the seller engages in this kind of 
>activity, that this is explicitly against the bidding policies, and can 
>be reacted to quite vigorously by the auctioneer.  I would also 
>consider this behavior contrary to the free market, and could even be 
>considered market manipulation
>- ala Enron, etc.
>Now, if you wanted to get into a typical bidding competition, this is 
>exactly the spirit of auctions, and may have resulted is a similar or 
>higher ending price - whether you won or not.
>I would recommend it may be safer not share your participation in this 
>kind of activity in the future - regardless how benevolent or 'fair' 
>you may consider your motivations to be.

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