> I have multiple computers. I like Windows XP, but I'm continuing to use
> W2000 on the majority of my computers. I bought Office XP. I can only use
> it on this computer. I see no good reason for this. I'm a single user, my
> use of the software in multiple installations would not increase the cost
> to Microsoft by any significant amount (potentially, there might be an
> increased support cost, though not in actuality), it is purely arbitrary
> that multiple installations are not allowed. Essentailly, MS thinks, it is
> a way to double their income with little increased expense, a way to
> extract more cash from the same customer base. But it isn't working with
> me. I've just restricted my use, I do all my web site design, for example,
> on this noteboook, the one running W-XP and Office XP. Microsoft has, from
> me, not made a penny from their Activation scheme; in fact, I'd have
> XP long ago if not for Activation. Activation has definitely cost them at
> least a thousand dollars in sales on my account. I don't think I'm unique;
> I might be a tad cantankerous, true, but dislike of Activation has been
> widespread wherever I've seen it discussed. I belong to an MYOB accounting
> software user list, and when Activation was discussed there -- MYOB just
> implemented Activation with the latest release -- *many* users said they
> were not upgrading because of Activation, users that had been upgrading
> every year for years. I think it pretty likely that they (MYOB) shot
> themselves in the foot.

Abdul, if you need office suites on your other PCs, try OpenOffice.  It's
pretty good.  And it's free.  I use it on my laptop.

As far as Activation goes, I think it blows.  The only s/w I have that has
Activiation is my new Fujitsu laptop, which came with XP Pro.  I don't call
what Protel has "Activation", it's a license manager.  I like Protel's
license manager.  On those rare occasions that me and my assistant have
started Protel up at the same time, a polite warning dialog box pops up on
the screen, and one of us shuts down our Protel session until the other is
finished.  So that way we don't infringe.  I have refused to upgrade
Quickbooks Pro because Intuit products (Quicken, Quickbooks, Turbotax) now
have Activation.  I have refused to upgrade Windows boxes to XP because of
Activation.  So if the software industry continues to experience a slump,
maybe it's their own fault.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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