I think Altium's protection is decent. It's not a dongle, those break at the
worst times. I used to work in a place that had a bunch of PowerPCB seats
and once or twice a year we had a system down due to a failed dongle.

It's not a timed node locked FlexLM lock which locks it down to one machine.
(Can't run THAT at home or on a notebook)

It's a simple activation that give you a file which allows the S/W to run
indefinitely. I can install it on a couple machines and all is well. If my
copy gets out on the net, Altium knows I messed up.

I don't think activation hurts at all. Now I do dislike it the way Microsoft
did it because I can't install on more than 1 machine (even if I'm the only
one here). Apple was a lot better about having a family pack license. It
fits better with the way people use computers. (Hand-me-downs for the kids,


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> From: Abd ulRahman Lomax [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 10:24 AM
> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Anybody else recieve these types of messages...
> At 10:07 PM 3/9/2004, Brian Guralnick wrote:
> >Look at what I just received in my in-box...
> >i need protel 99 se for desingning my projects so if u have it full 
> >working or crack please send me as possiable
> My own response to this person would be
> You can get it the latest version free from Altium, full working.
> http://www.protel.com/evaluation/default.asp
> Someone may be able to give you a Protel 99SE demo disk. It's 
> possible that it is also available somewhere for download. 
> This would be a full-function demo, 30 day time limit. After 
> the 30 days, continued use could be a violation of the user 
> agreement and might require a hard drive reformat.
> I do know you can get Protel Advanced Schematic and Advanced 
> PCB version
> 2.5 from various web sources. These are full-function demos. 
> PCB has a size limit.
> If I were Altium, I would not invest much in the way of 
> resources trying to track down this sad sack. He's not going 
> to buy the program no matter what, so if he uses an illegal 
> license, Altium will not have lost any income. 
> Making an example of him will probably have little effect on 
> other piracy.
> The interesting thing about software piracy, when it comes to 
> a program like Protel, is that the probably effect of it in 
> the long run is an increase of sales. Why? Well, as long as 
> such piracy is illegal and does not become the norm, it will 
> have little effect on sales. And in the event that the 
> illegal user does eventually become part of a successful 
> organization, that organization will need to have legal 
> software. What will this user recommend? A program that he'll 
> have to learn, or one that he knows? Let me guess....
> I've never seen any statistics on the effect of strong 
> anti-piracy measures. The experience of the music industry 
> might have some lessons, though music is quite different from 
> engineering software. It would be interesting to know if my 
> theory is correct: Activation, as a strong antipiracy 
> measure, might be hurting sales. Some users, perceiving 
> activation as a planned failure mechanism, avoid buying 
> software that incorporates it. I know this is the case with 
> some programs, it is true for me. (I've been upgrading every 
> year an accounting program that we use. 
> Except this year, because of Activation. That company's major 
> competitor tried activation and abandoned it, I think their 
> sales suffered.) So the question is which is the greater 
> effect: Gain in sales as users who would have used a pirated 
> version use instead buy the program (I don't think this 
> happens very often with expensive software), or loss in sales 
> short-term because of user rebellion plus long-term loss from 
> reduction in the conversion of illegal users to legal ones. I 
> suspect the latter is the case, but it is not easy to test 
> and I certainly have no proof. Activation has a significant 
> cost, especially in support, so a neutral effect on sales 
> would be a net loss.

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