>I'm having the same type of problem with a lone G4 on a small 
>network. The other systems there, a blue G3, a beige tower G3 plus a 
>clone and a 6100, all seem to get backed up without fail.

Just another data point:

We have 7 G4's here (early PCI to newest AGP) on our network here on 
along with 35 or so other Macs and PCs (all 100BT, almost all of them 
switched with HP switches) and the only time we get 519 errors with 
any of the machines is when they are shut down or have crashed 
(backing up to a WinNT/DDS4 box and a MacOS 9 DDS2 box). There was on 
user who was running some kind of "Reminder" program that would put 
up modal dialogs and give us a 519, but otherwise no problems here.

Good Luck!


Steve Axthelm
Mudpuppy Studios

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