> So Retrospect reports errors that it finds in the network setup that
> doesn't affect ANYTHING else? If these errors existed then why does
> nothing else complain? I'm sure that it does hit the network hard,
> but IMO it should be written to cope with that. It should not the
> task of the customer to swap NICs or hubs or whatever until one is
> found that works. If a NIC will connect with the network then
> Retrospect should be able to use it.

I can understand your frustration, having been on the "other side" with some
products that I've worked on.  In my case, in *every* case, the software
that I wrote uncovered hardware and system problems that, when corrected,
solved other "nagging" stability problems that the users had just accepted.

In my opinion, I doubt that the problems don't affect anything else -- more
likely is that the problems that are occurring are minor enough that nobody
has reported them.

That being said, there apparently are some G4 machines that have some
problems with their ethernet interfaces.

Glenn L. Austin
Computer Wizard and Race Car Driver

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