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> So Retrospect reports errors that it finds in the network setup that
> doesn't affect ANYTHING else? If these errors existed then why does
> nothing else complain? I'm sure that it does hit the network hard,
> but IMO it should be written to cope with that. It should not the
> task of the customer to swap NICs or hubs or whatever until one is
> found that works. If a NIC will connect with the network then
> Retrospect should be able to use it.

I'll let the Dantz folks respond to this charge, since they have heard it
before, but when I did my job and got the network and clients working right,
Retrospect worked right. It is the best trouble-finding tool out there. I
know that if Retrospect works, everything else will.

That's not a fault of Retrospect, but a feature, the way I see it. I want
everything perfect for a backup, since a less than perfect backup is
absolutely useless. That one byte it missed and didn't tell me about may
have been in the middle of a file that could cost me several thousands


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