>If you are having 519 errors, there is a problem in your setup, either
>hardware, software or network. You most likely either have a SCSI problem
>(which was the case the last time I had a 519, termination problems),

Don, what were the other symptoms when you had the termination 
problem? Did it take out the whole backup or just specific clients?

Unlike Ken, we have no problem with server Mac and in our case it is 
only the G4s that have the problem and only the CLIENT drops the 
network connection. The backup Mac is fine and can go on to back up 
the other clients. The client will regain the network after a restart 
or sleep. It sounds just like the symptoms of the problem that was 
supposed to fixed with the Ethernet update, expect that the Ethernet 
update doesn't fix it and when I went and checked the details (TIL 
25147) it doesn't actually seem to be the same problem.


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