Re: KR> 4-into-1 exhaust system help?

2017-01-21 Thread John Bouyea via KRnet
Mark, Here's what I can share right off. If the Quickie exhaust system would work for you, lemme know. I also have another 4-into-1 for a TriGear but no photos of it tonight but I can have some for you tomorrow. John Bouyea N5391M/ KR2

KR> KR Newsletters

2014-05-07 Thread John Bouyea via KRnet
Mark and all, Shazaam, there IS a problem with opening the big newsletter pdf file 1 - 87 as mentioned. I downloaded it directly and it seems to open correctly. I'll look into what's wrong & post back to the group. I <> appreciate knowing you had a problem with it! John Bouyea N5391M - It's

KR> Most heavy engine

2014-05-08 Thread John Bouyea via KRnet
Henni, I'm sure someone else will point out that engine is ok for a KR360 but not a KR2. See about 1/3 down on John Bouyea Hillsboro, OR -Original Message- From: KRnet [mailto:krnet-bounces at] On Behalf Of Hennie van Rooyen [HQP