[nysbirds-l] Dec 6 Belmar, NJ Pelagic is a Go (Weather Willing)

2009-12-02 Thread Paul Guris
Seabirders- We have enough people to make the See Life Paulagics pelagic trip scheduled for Sunday, December 6 out of Belmar, NJ a go, weather depending of course. We'll be aboard the 80' Suzie Girl, a fast, comfortable boat with a full walk-around, birdable upper deck, and heated cabin with

[nysbirds-l] 8-hour Freeport Pelagic on Sun, Jan 17

2009-12-26 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics has scheduled an 8-hour nearshore pelagic (a bit of an oxymoron, I know) for Sunday, January 17. We have been thinking about running this trip for a while due to our success within 20 miles of shore on our three previous NY February trips. On those trips, we simply ran through

[nysbirds-l] Jan. 17 Freeport Pelagic Still Needs People

2010-01-05 Thread Paul Guris
We are still a short on people to make the scheduled 8-hour nearshore pelagic for Sunday, January 17 a go. In past years, we have had good success with alcids in the area we expect to cover, but on those trips, we simply ran through this zone on our way farther offshore. We found multiple Common

[nysbirds-l] Sun, Jan 17 Freeport Pelagic 8-Hour Pelagic

2010-01-15 Thread Paul Guris
We still have space on Sunday's 8-hour pelagic trip out of Freeport, NY. The marine forecast as of the last update is for very calms seas in the morning, with winds picking up some in the afternoon. Understand that it's a weather forecast, so they may be wrong, but right now it's looking pretty

[nysbirds-l] About Posting Pelagic Trips to the List-Server

2010-01-15 Thread Paul Guris
Hi, John. Yours is a very reasonable question, so I thought I should chime in and explain my postings. The general view on advertising pelagics, as compared to other tours, is that they are of particular interest to state birders, plus they are very hard (or at least very expensive) to do on

[nysbirds-l] Results of Sun, 01/17 Freeport Pelagic

2010-01-18 Thread Paul Guris
Sunday's trip was a success, with the weather holding back long enough for us to get in a great trip.As we cleared Jones Inlet, winds were blowing about 10 knots. The usual winter waterfowl and gulls were flying around, and our designated Chum Monkey (not a derogatory term, as this was the person

[nysbirds-l] Special 22 Hour Overnight Pelagic - Sun, Aug 22-Mon, Aug23

2010-07-20 Thread Paul Guris
This year we are attempting to run a special type of trip that we have been running successfully out of Lewes, DE for a number of years now. We are going to attempt to do a long overnight trip to and beyond the Hudson Canyon for a small group. The trip is 22 hours long and goes beyond where the

[nysbirds-l] Announcing Jan. 23 Freeport 8 Hour Pelagic

2010-11-29 Thread Paul Guris
We are running a nearshore pelagic in conjunction with New York City Audubon out of Freeport, NY Sunday, January 23. We'll be aboard the 85' Capt. Lou VII that we've used in the past. This is a comfortable boat with a birdable top deck, a heated cabin, and separate men's and ladies facilities.

[nysbirds-l] Still Room on Jan. 23 Freeport 8 Hour Pelagic

2011-01-05 Thread Paul Guris
We still have space aboard our Sunday, Jan. 23 pelagic trip out of Freeport. We ran this trip last year and did very well. Our sightings included 33 Common Murres, 2 Atlantic Puffins, roughly 200 Razorbills, dozens of Kittiwakes, incredibly cooperative Iceland Gulls, a great Gannet show, and

[nysbirds-l] Just Scheduled - March 27 8-hour Freeport Pelagic

2011-02-13 Thread Paul Guris
Today's trip with NYSOA and the New York State Young Birders Club was unfortunately weathered out due to high winds and bad seas. With so many people interested in the trip, we are attempting to re-schedule it for Sunday, March 27. This has been an amazing year for alcids in our area, with

[nysbirds-l] Results of Sun, 3/27 Freeport Pelagic

2011-03-30 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics ran a rescheduled NYSOA / NYSYBC pelagic trip out of Freeport on Sunday. Our course took us out a few miles, then west towards Sandy Hook (but still within NYSARC defined NY pelagic boundaries), offshore in a southeastward direction to about 25 miles out, and back into port.

[nysbirds-l] Announcing Sat, Jan 14 8-hour Pelagic Out Of Freeport, NY

2011-12-05 Thread Paul Guris
We are running our now annual nearshore pelagic in New York waters on Saturday, January 14. We'll again be working with the Capt. Lou Fleet that that we've used in the past. The boat is comfortable with a birdable top deck, heated cabin, and separate men's and ladies facilities. As always we'll

[nysbirds-l] Jan 14 Freeport Pelagic Needs 9 More People To Go

2012-01-03 Thread Paul Guris
Sign-ups are running behind this year as compared to last and we're still short of having enough to go. There have been a number of good alcid reports throughout the Mid-Atlantic. The warmer than usual waters also mean that some species like Puffin and Dovekie that are usually more restricted to

[nysbirds-l] Jan. 14 Freeport Pelagic Details

2012-01-03 Thread Paul Guris
As somebody kindly pointed out, I forgot to include the trip details so here they are: - Departs: 8:00 AM - Returns: approximately 4:00 PM - Cost: $130 (includes tip for the mates) - Boat: Captain Lou VII or Starstream VIII - Location: Freeport, Long Island, NY Further

[nysbirds-l] Alcids in NJ NY from Belmar, NJ Mackerel Fishing Boat

2012-01-08 Thread Paul Guris
Today I boarded a Mackerel fishing trip out of Belmar with my brother Steve and birder Marty Dellwo. We first moved north and fished in NJ pelagic waters out to about a dozen miles. Fishing was OK, but the Capt. decided to move towards a pack of fish off NY, and we worked an area a mere 4-6

[nysbirds-l] Jan.28th (Weather Date 29th) Re-scheduled Freeport Pelagic

2012-01-18 Thread Paul Guris
After our Jan. 14th pelagic out of Freeport was weathered out, I asked the captain if we could tentatively re-schedule the trip for Jan. 28 and he said yes. With those people from the cancelled trip who have already said yes, we need about another dozen or so to make the trip sail. We did get

[nysbirds-l] Forecast and Photos for Jan. 28 Freeport Pelagic

2012-01-25 Thread Paul Guris
We've got enough people signed up to go and the forecast right now looks fantastic. They're calling for winds at 5-10 and seas at 2 feet. That's a great marine forecast even for the middle of summer! The trip runs out of Freeport from 8:00-4:00 and costs $130. We have a weather date of Sunday,

[nysbirds-l] Jan. 28 Freeport Pelagic Results - Record Common Murre Count!

2012-01-30 Thread Paul Guris
Saturday’s trip out of Freeport, NY was a big success with both great weather and great birds. Seas were running about 2 feet with winds less than 15 knots for most of the day, eventually building only up to 3 feet. The winds and waves started to pick up quite a bit in the afternoon as forecast,

[nysbirds-l] Announcing Overnight Freeport Pelagic on Sun, Sep 16

2012-07-04 Thread Paul Guris
By popular request, See Life Paulagics will be running an overnight pelagic trip out of Freeport, NY. We will be leaving at 12:30 AM on Sunday, September 16 and returning around 4:30 PM. We will be aboard the Capt. Lou VII that we've used before. The cost of the trip is $230. Due to this being

[nysbirds-l] Sep. 16 Freeport Pelagic Nearly Full

2012-08-06 Thread Paul Guris
The 16-hour pelagic out of Freeport on Sun, September 16 is nearly full. Registration is restricted for this trip since we are leaving at 12:30 AM and we want to make sure people have room to sleep. At this time we only have 4 spaces left. Our planned itinerary is to sail out to the deep waters

[nysbirds-l] Results of 9/16 Freeport Pelagic

2012-09-18 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics ran a 16-hour trip out to the deep waters in the Hudson Canyon on Sunday, September 16. The trip left at 12:30 AM and we had a very comfortable overnight ride on the 100' long Starstream VIII. While no rarities were found, birders had excellent looks at good numbers of GREAT

RE:[nysbirds-l] Pelagic trip Freeport Long Island March 2

2013-02-06 Thread Paul Guris
David's got the basics, but if any of you who aren't pelagic veterans have any specific questions, feel free to drop me an email. We're not running a trip this winter due to personal reasons, but we're supporting the boat owner and New York birding community to try to get a trip out this winter.

[nysbirds-l] New Freeport Pelagic Scheduled for Sat, Nov 23

2013-10-15 Thread Paul Guris
After some nudging and threats, we've decided to try to get a late autumn trip out of Freeport on Saturday, November 23. (If this makes you happy, you can thank Doug Gochfeld.) We've run trips from NY to NJ around this time of year and it is prime time to look for Manx and Great Shearwaters, Red

[nysbirds-l] Nov. 23 Freeport Pelagic Still Needs Participants

2013-10-29 Thread Paul Guris
We've got just a bit over half the people we need to make the Sat, Nov. 23 pelagic trip out of Freeport a go. Trips at this time of year in our region have consistently turned up Manx and Great Shearwaters, Red Phalarope, Kittiwake, and Fulmar. Other good shots include Parasitic and Pomarine

[nysbirds-l] Feb. 1 Freeport Pelagic is Scheduled

2014-01-06 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics has scheduled a 12 hour offshore pelagic out of Freeport, NY for Saturday, Feb 1 with the Capt. Lou Fleet. Both of their boats are large, stable, with a big top deck, heated cabin, and separate men's and ladies facilities. As always we'll have multiple leaders to help find and

[nysbirds-l] Sat's Freeport Trip is a Go, Weather looks excellent

2014-01-29 Thread Paul Guris
We now have enough people to make this Saturday's See Life Paulagics 12 hour offshore pelagic out of Freeport, NY a go. Not only that, but the current offshore forecast for the area we'll be visiting is for light winds most of the day and seas running 2-2.5 feet. If that holds, you can't ask for

[nysbirds-l] Upcoming Freeport, NY Pelagic on Sat, Jan 10

2014-12-03 Thread Paul Guris
We have scheduled a pelagic out of Freeport, NY aboard the 100' Starstream VIII on Saturday, January 10. The trip is scheduled from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM and the cost is $185. Target species include Dovekie, Atlantic Puffin, Razorbill, Common Thick-billed Murres, Northern Fulmar, Red Phalarope,

[nysbirds-l] Brooklyn Pelagic Scheduled for Sat, April 11

2015-02-21 Thread Paul Guris
For our inaugural trip out of Brooklyn, we have scheduled an experimental trip for Saturday, April 11. This is a time of year with very poor pelagic coverage in our area, but we have chosen the date to coincide with the large northbound migration of gulls, Gannets, loons, waterfowl, and baitfish

[nysbirds-l] Overnight Brooklyn Pelagic Scheduled for May 31-June 1

2015-04-24 Thread Paul Guris
It has been a number of years since there has been an organized pelagic in New York waters at this time of year. Due to multiple requests (and one or two threats ... just kidding) we have scheduled an overnight pelagic trip out of Brooklyn leaving the evening of Sun, May 31 and returning late

[nysbirds-l] Oct 23-24 Brooklyn Pelagic Still Too Short to Sail

2015-10-14 Thread Paul Guris
We are still short of the number of participants we need to make this a break even trip. We're so stoked to get out at this time of year that I and the leaders are willing to pay for our own slots just to get the trip to sail. Our cutoff date from the captain is next Thursday so we've got one

[nysbirds-l] Announcing a Brooklyn 8-hour Pelagic on Sat, Jan. 9

2015-12-27 Thread Paul Guris
We are attempting to run a nearshore pelagic out of Brooklyn. We have been running similar trips out of Belmar, NJ with good success. The shorter duration makes it a great trip for those who have not yet experienced a pelagic and want to get their feet wet. Wait. Scratch that last part as a

[nysbirds-l] Attempting Re-Schedule of Brooklyn Pelagic to June 12-13

2016-06-05 Thread Paul Guris
Tonight's Brooklyn overnight pelagic has been cancelled due to an ugly forecast. We are going to reschedule the trip for next Sun-Mon. We'll be contacting all those who were supposed to sail with us tonight but we expect we'll need a few more folks to hit our minimum to run. We just had a very

[nysbirds-l] Upcoming Brooklyn Pelagic on Jan. 7

2016-11-29 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics is running our annual winter pelagic trip on Saturday, Jan. 7 out of Brooklyn for winter seabirds. We will be searching for Northern Fulmar, Razorbill, Common Murre, Dovekie, Atlantic Puffin, Kittiwake, Iceland, Glaucous, and Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Red Phalarope, Northern

[nysbirds-l] Rescheduling Brooklyn Pelagic to Sat, Jan 14

2017-01-06 Thread Paul Guris
Due to a poor looking forecast we are rescheduling the Brooklyn pelagic trip to next Saturday. This trip was full but we expect at least some people to drop out so if you hadn't signed up and want to go, let us know. If you're already signed up please let us know if you can make it and, if not,

[nysbirds-l] Jan 20 Brooklyn Winter Pelagic

2017-12-15 Thread Paul Guris
It's that time of year again when we load up the sleigh (er, I mean boat) to chase after Dovekies and other alcids in New York. This trip is your best bet to find numbers of Dovekies and there are plenty of other target birds. Here are the trip details: Date: Sat, Jan 20 Time: 5:30 AM - approx

[nysbirds-l] Brooklyn Overnight Pelagic Sun, May 20 - Mon, May 21 Still About a Dozen Short to Go

2018-05-06 Thread Paul Guris
See Life Paulagics is running a spring overnight pelagic trip leaving Sunday evening, May 20 and returning on Monday, May 21. Targets at this time of year include Northern Fulmar, Cory's, Great, Sooty (spring is the time of year for us to find them in our area), and Manx Shearwaters, Leach's and

[nysbirds-l] Summer Overnight Brooklyn Pelagic - Sun, Aug 19 to Mon, Aug 20

2018-06-30 Thread Paul Guris
We are running a trip out of Brooklyn, NY to the deep (over 6,000') waters beyond the edge of the Continental Shelf. The trip will leave at 9:00 PM and return at approximately 7:00 PM the next day. The cost is $250 per person. Past trips of ours in the Mid-Atlantic region at this time of year

[nysbirds-l] Trip Report: 8/20/18 Brooklyn Pelagic

2018-08-26 Thread Paul Guris
The weather started out a bit breezy and bumpy, forcing us to head east along the beach before turning south to give us a smoother ride. That added extra travel time but nobody minded not plowing into the weather. We arrived at jut about first light at our starting point off the edge of the

[nysbirds-l] Rescheduled Brooklyn Pelagic Has 8 Spots for This Sunday, Nov 4

2018-10-31 Thread Paul Guris
The rescheduled pelagic has just 8 spots left if anybody is interested. I know it's still a few days away but right now the forecast is looking good with light winds and long seas. If you're interested in signing up or want more information go to: *www.paulagics.com *

[nysbirds-l] Announcing a 34+ Hour Brooklyn Pelagic on Sat-Sun, Sep 21-22

2019-08-30 Thread Paul Guris
Our long trip from Pt. Pleasant was so successful that we decided to try to run one for New York on our old favorite the Brooklyn VI. We will be limiting the trip to fewer people for comfort though we might be willing to add a few more from the waiting list last minute if the forecast looks like

[nysbirds-l] Still Spaces Open for Brooklyn Mega-Pelagic, Sat 9/21 - Sun, 9/22

2019-09-07 Thread Paul Guris
We still have spaces available for the 34-35 hour Brooklyn pelagic scheduled for 9/21-22. The summer species we search for should still be in the area but it should be a better time for migration of jaegers, terns, and phalaropes as well. The trip is scheduled to leave Sat, Sep 21 at 8:00 AM and